We have worked in 2015


The event about Augmented Reality and historical recreation in Portugal

Evocation of World War First at 1 and 2 December in Bragança

Sobral de Monte Agraço in 1810 when the Napoleonic attack on the Torres Lines.

Almeida Siege in Napoleon's time.

Historical Messejana returns the Arabic time in Alentejo Region !

The evocation of the Battle of Ourique returns this year on 25 July, at Vila Cha de Ourique !

The 20th years of NARC are celebrate with a IV century roman Empire re-enactment at Lisbon historical center at 19 June.

Lousada at XVII Century is the historical context from 5 to 7 de June

At Vila Verde Region the discovery´s times event from 29 to 31 May

The V Edition of Torrão at Discovery´s Times invite you from 22 to 24 May!

III Roman Troia Edition returns 1-3 May at Roman ruins!

On April 9 the Evocation of the Portuguese Expeditionary Corps at the World War One

Reconstruction of Roman mining mills in Tresminas Museum Complex – Vila Pouca de Aguiar - Portugal

The "outstanding" Serie - Third Season Launch.

Castro Carvalhelhos opening this year!